Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally, Solid Dietary Advice in the News!

I have a ritual every morning.  As a self employed person, I have the luxury of beginning my day with a cup of coffee, morning news and my laptop.

As I work on my website, check my e-mail and drink my coffee, I generally have the television on streaming our mostly gossip style morning news shows.  More often than not I get frustrated with useless tips about lipstick and electronics, I am tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding and quite frequently, I even wonder why I have the TV on.......

Until today.......

In my normal mode of concentration, I perked up when the comparison between a plate of bacon eggs and a bagel were mentioned.

As I looked up, a gorgeous photo of 2 eggs and bacon sweetly set up as a smiley face sat next to a very large, dry looking bagel and there was Dr. Travis Stork from the show "The Doctors".  Now I must admit, while I like to peek at these shows not because I believe the conventional advice is solid but because I always learn a little something.  I didn't have great confidence in Dr. Travis based on what I have observed on his show though I have noticed through little comments here and there that he is a bit different than the conventional wisdom of other professionals in the media.

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To my surprise, Dr. Travis Stork said the magic words "When we reduced fat 20 years ago, we became more obese". 

The Dr. showed steak, eggs and bacon, avocado, nuts and quality oils as food choices as referred to in his new book "The Lean Belly Prescription".  As you watch the video, and if you could have heard me while Ann Curry said "Bacon isn't healthy", I promptly yelled at the TV, "There are 47% monounsaturated fatty acids in bacon!" which is the healthy fat promoted today but so many believe mono-unsaturates are only included in avocado, olive oil and nuts.  I'm sure that if Dr. Travis had enough time, he would have explained that.  (Or I hope)

Here's the clip for your viewing pleasure:

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Weston Price, Dr. Atkins, The Eades, and Barry Groves have with adequate reference been promoting this as the answer for many years but it has fallen on deaf ears because we live in a world of medicine for profit not people and the food manufacturers jump on this band wagon.

I know that the message I am sharing from my years of study and success with my clients will become mainstream and probably hit with more success and positive outcomes than the low fat message.

The moment I advise my clients to remove both wheat and sugar from their diets and increase their fat and protein, the weight practically falls off, the mood and energy increases, the skin clears and before we know it, friends and relatives are smothering them with compliments.  

My fear is that so many will not live to see the "truth" in nutrition if this message takes 5-20 years. 

Sadly, some might not have that long with the current dietary advice.


  1. She was obviously mortified at the amount of fat on that table. Think he changed her mind?

  2. I would think Kim that the most confused group of folks today might not be the general public but that of the media reporters that must share this information.

    Being in the spotlight requires them to maintain a certain weight. I can only imagine how confused they might be!

    I would love to know what kind of food program these women choose with the mountain of information in front of them.

    In good health!