Monday, August 8, 2011

Obesity No Longer A Circus Side Show

Would you or anyone you know have been considered a circus side show just 100 years ago? The photo to the right is Chauncey Morley, once considered a "morbidly obese side show freak" for the PT Barnum Circus.

While I don't condone the behavior of side show attractions, I find it interesting that just a short period of time ago, this form of obesity was unusual where now, it is far too common.

Sadly, Chauncy died at the very young age of 43 and while I can't find any clear data of the cause, we can only imagine it must have been obesity related.

I frequently wonder after observing a darling obese gal in the airport on my way home from the Ancestral Symposium on Sunday, August 7th. I say darling because through the extreme puffiness was a beautiful face waiting to be liberated. I was taken back at the great amount of effort it took for this girl to carry herself through the airport at probably 200 lbs. over weight (if I had to guess).

I so badly wanted to approach and offer her a 6 month nutrition package at no cost but would that be taken too personally? Would I have been rejected?

It is my intention to spread the word of a low carbohydrate/Paleo lifestyle. I have found such freedom myself and in the past few years have watched with great pleasure as others have benefited as well.

I know the biochemical reasons of her obesity driven state. She is more than likely insulin and leptin resistant. Insulin resistant due to high running glucose numbers and leptin resistant because there is too much circulating leptin in the blood.

I would love to hear from you. If I were to approach you, tell you I am an 85lb. weight loss maintainer and have found a great secret to success, would you be approachable from a kind and gentle offer perspective?

Knowing how desperate for answers when I was obese, I would have been ecstatic at such an offer but I'm quite approachable. Had someone approached me and made this offering all while telling me my hunger would vanish, I would have jumped at the opportunity.


  1. I'm sure there were times over the years I suffered and gained and ate my way to 330, that I would have jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, I'm also sure that there were more times that an approach like that would have been ignored, turned away, scoffed at, earned you the evil eye, etc - and I'd have been driven to the nearest store for binge-goodies.
    This is one of the reasons that when I get to my goal weight/size/health, I want to have a shirt that says "I've lost 130 pounds, cured my diabetes, etc - ask me how." T-shirts make you a walking billboard and that passive message gets into the subconscious, even if people don't approach you. Also, having a business card w/ contact info and bulletpoints for the plan, a small before & after pic, etc to pass out is probably a win.

  2. When we find something that works we just want to share it with everyone!

    I have business cards that I hand out freely with my site on there but this just didn't feel right. You know when it isn't a good idea but still, in my thoughts.

  3. Hi Misty,
    I wanted to respond to your question about
    approaching the girl in the airport & offering your help.

    I am 316 lbs, 5'4" & 43 years old. I've gone through 25 years of yo yo dieting. Mine is a similiar story you've heard a million times before.

    One day I might react to you with open arms & tears of gratitude, ready & motivated to try AGAIN to gain control of my life & finally get the weight off. On another day, when the depression was really bad, I would have blown you off & gone back to my slow suicide by
    chocolate or ice cream or cookies thinking you were pushy & I was a lost cause.

    I want to say that I think it is always worth the try. You are saving lives. You've saved my life. Since July I've lost 27 lbs. on DANDR (Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution) with a few
    stumbles & a week long carb binge.

    After said binge I have been following your
    Restricted Phase I program & I feel great.

    I've always remembered you from being an active presence on low carb friends when you were going to school.

    You've actually inspired me to replaces my Haagen Daaz chocolate milk shakes for blueberry kale whey protein shakes when I am motivated & on plan before the depression, self doubt, & self sabatoge carb demons attack. I am hoping to be able to eventually hire you for some coaching but finances do not allow that
    right now. My husband has been unemployed for awhile & I am an artist/crafter & work part time in retail. The economy has to get, it can't get much worse!!
    LOL, sob, sob, sob. Sorry for rambling but I really wanted to encourage you to make the approach. It really could be matter of life or death for someone!
    Thank you for all you do!!

  4. Really, this post must be shared with peoples and I have shared it with my 4 frinds. 3 of them are getting problem due to obesity.
    Love your inspirational story. Great!!