Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you dread the holiday weight gain?

So many of us dread the holiday weight gain.  It seems to sneak up leaving us feeling bloated, exhausted, foggy creating guilt and low self esteem.  You have the power to prevent that holiday bulge with a few tips I have provided below. 

Whether you're currently on a weight loss journey, trying to maintain your weight or even plan on committing in 2011, the following tips are something that I have practiced with great success for many years in order to maintain my 85lb. weight loss.  How do I maintain?  First, I have told myself that I will never be fat again, second, I committed to a lifestyle not just another diet.

By nourishing yourself well, you are feeding key neuro-transmittors that can be responsible for driving craving and addiction.  

Be sure to consume a high quality breakfast of protein and fat prior to leaving the house for your shopping trips and other errands.  Hunger will create cravings that encourage you to make bad choices.

Pack a snack if you’ll be away from home for an extended period of time.  Walnuts, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, apple and almond butter travel nicely.  It’s cool enough so an ice chest usually isn’t necessary but a good idea. 

If you must choose mall foods, choose the Mongolian BBQ, Salad Bar or meat on a stick without sugary sauces.  Unless you’re blood sugar has hit the floor and you are dizzy, you might be able to wait until you get home for a wiser food choice.  Unless one has blood sugar issues, one will not die without food for a few hours. 

Eat something higher in fat before those holiday parties.  It is an old folk remedy to consume high amounts of butter to protect the liver before drinking in the 18th century.  

When consuming food at parties, load your plate with dips and vegetables.  The veggie is just the delivery for a higher fat choice that will satiate you and prevent cravings for the candy, breads and other dessert or high carbohydrate items.  Nuts, cheeses, deviled eggs and prawns are generally options and the best choices for you. 
Alcohol choices are important as well.  Choose dry wines, clear spirits and tonic waters.  Alcohol is a burden and no amount of grape seed extract out weighs the detrimental effects of wine on the liver.  Remember the butter trick above and try to drink slowly with intermittent glasses of water.  Sip slowly and try a cup of coffee after two drinks if you need something for socialization.  

Be selective and choose your dessert wisely and infrequently.  If you are stuffed, don’t force dessert.  Disrupted digestion leads to disrupted sleep which leads to a production of cortisol, a hormone that causes stomach weight gain.  Pack an 85% high quality chocolate bar and have a couple of squares so you don’t feel deprived.

What drains your brain?

 Skipping Meals
Insufficient Protein

High Glycemic Carbs

Low Minerals

Low B Complex Status

Lack of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Stimulant and Alcohol Use

Artificial Sweeteners

Free Radical Damage


Stress/High Cortisol

Heavy Metals

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