Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. William Davis' "Wheat-loss Diet"

Have you been working on a weight loss project? Perhaps a low fat diet, eating whole heart healthy grains? There is a great deal of evidence that this heavily promoted food group is not only making us fatter but creating a lot of illness as well. This highly inflammatory little grain we call wheat is implicated in a whole host of ailments.

When I lecture, I call this the "Wheat Bomb". No one can believe that their high fiber, whole wheat cereal, bread, crackers and pastas are making them sick.....until they begin to remove them. Instantly, the waist begins to shrink, the joints are more flexible and less painful and an alert person begins to shine through.

Reacting with the opiat receptors in the gut, wheat is also highly addictive. This legal drug is grabbing us, giving us our high only to let us down with withdrawal and the need for more. You don't have to meet anyone behind a warehouse to get this legal drug either. No ID is required, no proof of the ability to consume, any child can walk right into a grocery store and grab a loaf for just pennies. It's affordable, and it's widely available and it has you "hooked". I know this sounds like a seedy description and I joke but this highly modified grass is wreaking so much havoc I frequently wonder who could have kept their colon or sadly, their life.

Wheat has a Glycemic Index of more than 70 and believe it or not, table sugar has a GI of about 50. Yes, a Snickers bar is healthier than a whole wheat piece of toast.

If you've been suffering from bloat, inflammation, elevated blood pressure, constipation, migraine headaches, a tourette style tick like I did, visceral fat, lethargy, and so much more, cut the wheat out of your diet. You'll feel so much better and you'll drop weight almost instantly on this "Wheat Loss Diet".

The following video is of Dr. William Davis, Cardiologist and Author of Wheat Belly. Every person should read this book because we are all affected. We must never forget, the obesity epidemic has hit 2/3 of us, and this number is growing by leaps and bounds. Save your heart, save your life and pass the word that wheat is the new tobacco.

Dr. William Daviss Wheat-loss Diet

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