Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trending Health in 2012

As we bid farewell to 2011, we say hello to 2012. I have a feeling this will be a big year in health.

Maybe I'm just optimistic, or just maybe I see a real trend toward health advocacy utilizing nutrition.

While some consider me a bit obsessive about nutrition, I would prefer to call it a passion and desire to share the knowledge I have garnered over the years.

I've figured a lot of things out personally and find that not only was I not unique, neither are most of my clients and website followers.

We have all suffered some form of metabolic derangement with subsequent side effects. Whether it be low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, elevated blood sugars, headache, obesity, joint pain, etc, the trend toward nutrition as a viable choice has profound effect on reversal of these symptoms. Yes, I said reversal and not stifled with medications.

Those of us who attend the symposiums, seminars and conferences are working diligently to bring that information back to you, the consumer.

Why isn't your Dr. doing this? The answer is quite simple.
Our pharmaceutical companies are sponsoring and educating the physicians. This education does not include prevention and cure rather the education is on drugs and symptomatic relief.

Make no mistake, symptomatic relief does not mean a normalization or reversal of metabolic syndrome. That must be achieved through diet.

A traditional diet no matter what you choose should be your best first approach in normalizing bodily function. This will allow the body proper healing and regeneration potentially avoiding heart disease, stroke, cancer and the ever prevalent, auto-immune diseases.

Back to my optimism though......I am optimistic about the changes I think we will see because I belong to a huge network of practitioners and advocates and our goals and intentions are the same. SPREAD THE WORD!! With the ability to reach the masses with our social networking habits, we have the potential to change the world!

While I don't believe Dr. Oz to be our best source of nutrition information, I think his trend toward holistic advice is becoming quite popular and well received by his audience. I watch Oz so that I can stay current with the trends and I've been impressed with some of the segments, specifically those with game style visual aids.

I don't know about you but I have a very large medical deductible and if I had to purchase a prescription drug, it would be an out of pocket cost for me. If I were to be prescribed a drug, it might cost me more than $50-$100 monthly. I much prefer to put that money toward high quality food especially if that drug is a cholesterol lowering drug. These, the most prescribed useless drug on the market.

If you are on prescription medications for metabolic derangement, consider changing your diet. You will benefit in a myriad of ways. If only for the sake of your over burdened liver, I beg you to consider your choice of medication rather than dietary change.

Make 2012 your "year of health" and watch your energy soar. Give your vessel the raw materials to heal, repair and regenerate and when you begin to see noticeable changes, pay it forward by sharing your wealth of nutrition knowledge.