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Chemical Element Dominance-Sodium Deficiency

Sodium deficiency in an overly processed society?  You bet it is!  I have had many a friendly debate with those utilizing the typical iodized salt shaker.  So frequently I hear, "salt is salt".  Not according to Dr. Victor Rocine, a Norwegian homeopath.  In the 1930's, Dr. Rocine had studied the works of a variety of contemporary European biochemists who had begun to analyze and measure the amounts of the chemical elements in many of our common foods.  This growing body of nutritional knowledge had hardly been noticed in the US at that time.

Rocine proposed that deficiency or excess of any of the primary chemical elements needed in human nutrition was at the root of most human diseases, maladies and mental problems.  In addition, he wrote and lectured extensively on his theory of chemical dominance, that is, the dominance of any particular chemical in a person's makeup such as calcium, silicon, or sulfur creates in that a person a particular and identifiable temperament type.

Like Hippocrates, Rocine believed that food, together with exercise, rest, sunshine and positive attitues is man's best medicine.

Rocine taught that certain foods have certain effects upon the body.  For example, it was taught that in the case of over-activity, or under-activity of the thyroid gland, iodine foods would be needed to restore chemical balance in the thyroid gland.  Not as obvious, Rocine taught, in cases of joint troubles or digestive system troubles, sodium rich foods would be needed.  Underlining the observation, Rocine stressed an important distinction; much of the population understands sodium to mean table salt.  However, this form of sodium is inorganic and uselss to the body.  The type of salt the body needs is bio-organic sodium salts, which are formed in plants by the internal processes of living cells.  Sodium slats are crucial to replenish the sodium used in the joints, stomach and bowel to neutralize acids and to aid in other metabolic functions.

The discussion of the function of chemical salts fascinated Rocine.  Much of his work is focused on the effects of balancing slats in the body.

Common table salt is a combination of sodium and chloride (a form of chlorine) in equal proportions.  It is inorganic sodium and chloride.  It is not as valuable as that sodium which we find in organic foods.  The human frame is organic or organized.  The sodium that we get from plants and vegetables is organized sodium; it is organic.  On the other hand, sodium in ordinary table salt, or manufacture salt is inorganic.  When inorganic salt is taken into the system, it will over tax it.  As a result, your body will have to work harder in order to throw off the inorganic chemicals introduced. 

You might just be surprised to hear that strawberries, spinach and carrots for example are quite high in sodium or organic salts.

Foods rich in sodium are often rich in chlorine oxygen and potassium.  Chlorine is the "laundryman" of the body, Sodium neutralizes acids and chlorine helps to carry impurities off.

Sodium Deficiency is Common
So frequently we hear that we should avoid the salt if we want to avoid high blood pressure.  As you've just learned, salt is a necessary component to good health and the human frame.

In Foods that Heal Dr. Bernard Jensen reminds us that people between the ages of seven and twenty-one do not require very much sodium, for 100 adults, there is a lack of sodium rather than an excess.  Interestingly enough, so many that I speak to over the age of 21 are watching their sodium intake rather than that of their carbohydrate intake.  Most of this information is either   conveyed to them via their Dr. or morning news program or our most recent health guru Dr. Oz.

The body utilizes the sodium in a variety of ways that you may never have guessed or even heard.  Commonly, we hear of hot temperatures but cold climates use up sodium slats in the body as well.  Being in love enables a person to take up more sodium salts under favorable emotions, sodium is more rapidly assimilated or utilized.  Under unfavorable emotions of passions such as fear or anger, sodium salts are eliminated in the urine.  This is just one more example of how a loving state of mind is favorable to your good health.  Temper, excitement, jealousy and ugly melancholy passions always have an unfavorable effect upon the chemistry of the body and consequently, upon health.

A sodium deficient persona feels well one day and then the next, might feel sick.  They feel as if though something is going to happen all the time.  A fear of the unknown or anticipation of negative event.  They are sleepy during the day and at night, his/her brain is quite active and even more so after midnight.  Roller coaster emotions can ensue where the world can be accomplished one day and later, one is sleepy and depressed.

Sodium excess is usually excess of sodium in the tissues, not in secretions.  There is never an excess of sodium in the blood and secretions, but therre may be an excess of sodium in the joints and tissues.

When sodium is lacking, the nerves are on fire, judgement is unreliable, concentration is poor and there is greater tendency to heat or sun stroke.

Sodium is lowered by drinking water which washes the sodium of the system.  People really do drink too much liquid for their own good.  Coffee, tea, soda, copious amounts of bottled water are all consumed in excess in one way or another even if deemed healthy as in the case of water.

As I always tell my clients, "Try to eat your water".  Yes, this always produces a funny look but when you consider that a great deal of fresh vegetables contain a high water content, this really does make sense.   

Sodium is lowered through temper and excitement as well.  The more high tempered you are, the more sodium you burn.  At some point, you may suffer from indigestion due to your temper.  Again, for this reaosn, it is much better to cultivate affection than to cultivate anger.

Salts & Pregnancy
An expectant mother needs calcium, sodium, iron and silicon in abundance because the growing unborn baby uses those salts and a great many others.

Morning sickness is an indication of a lack of sodium claimed Rocine.  Adding slat or high sodium containing foods like chicken and turkey gizzards can increase sodium to the pregnant woman.

So, when the Dr. tells you to stop eating sodium, make the decision to throw your conventional salt shaker and the packaged foods out and begin consuming fresh sodium containing foods and a sprinkle of a quality sea salt.

Sodium deficiencies are most commonly seen as very low blood pressure and muscle cramping. 


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  2. You might also want to add that you can also get bio-organic sodium from goat's milk. ;)