Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Public Eye Should Hold the Tongue

I was struck with a story I saw today of a news anchor who on air publicly shared an e-mail she received from a critical viewer.

As a Mother of 3 young girls, Jennifer Livingston felt this the perfect opportunity to point out that bullying happens at all ages.

The following is Jennifer's public response as well as her subsequent interview on CBS This Morning.

As Jennifer points out, she is aware of her weight and has struggled since the birth of her first child 10 years ago. The fact that the critical viewer points out her responsibility to the community is ignorant. Would Jennifer be a better role model if she was lean or very thin? How would we know that the choices she was making to maintain a lean body were healthy? What if Jennifer as a lean woman silently suffered bulimia? Took diet pills or other amphetamines? We would never know. Outer appearance should never be the basis of a quality role model. Rather their actions speak far louder than that of their appearance.

We don't know the struggles of others. We don't know Jennifer's issues at a cellular level. Likely, she could be insulin resistant, her thyroid might be slowed, as a media reporter and Mother of 3 young children,(the youngest only 1 year) her sleep is likely not only interrupted but minimal at best.

Top all of this with the flawed USDA low fat advice and fear, these are the very real issues with human health and a lack of leaner body mass.

I applaud Jennifer. What a beautiful woman both inside and out. I'm sure there are plenty of women who wake up every morning wishing and hoping that their appearance was different. This takes time and does not just happen over night but we must be proud of who we are and be thankful for every day that we have here on this earth no matter our looks, size, shape or struggles.

I see within my own circles of social media the callous judgement of others. Before you make a judgement, stop and think about the potential struggles another might have and remember, none of us is perfect and each of us will always have work to do.

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