Saturday, November 27, 2010

Politics on the lunch tray?

The link below is an example of politics once again dictating our health.  I’m proud to live in a country where I can make my own decisions about my belief system, my health and so many other lifestyle decisions.  Though it’s becoming a narrow margin between freedom of choice of food and supplements and some of the proposed “laws” such as S.510 and Codex where potential food devitalization and vitamin supplementation become the sole responsibility of government regulation and big pharma.  It could be likely that at some point I might only be able to purchase a bleached, irradiated steak and request a prescription of Vitamin C from my physician.

Yes, I’m frustrated.  I’m frustrated that our food supply is dictated by dollars.  I’m frustrated that while our First Lady is working hard on a campaign to bring awareness to our obesity epidemic, another is in one breath talking about her own states obesity issues and in another, knocking the other because of political party lines. 

At what point does Sarah Palin think that bringing sugar cookies to children is called freedom of choice?  Why is Sarah Palin now saying that Mrs. Obama is on an “anti-obesity kick” or that the First Lady’s message is a lack of trust of parents feeding of their children?  What message is this sending the children?  It’s only bringing out anger and blame.   Our obesity epidemic transcends party lines.  It is a national health crisis and one that is bankrupting this Country.   

Shame on you Sarah Palin.  While your children are consuming Caribou, Wild Caught Salmon and other fresh foods, the majority of our children are consuming foods that contain no vitamin content what so ever.  Inner city children who only have access to convenience markets, families living off of $300 per month for groceries and now, obvious vitamin deficiencies such as rickets are once again seen in American children.   

Instead of cookies, maybe you can bring school children some high quality protein and the lesson of a healthy lifestyle which begins with what you eat, as you obviously live yourself based on your lean physique.   

Our children should not be used as pawns for political gain nor should they be exploited to garner massive profits for the corporations supplying food to our school cafeterias and vending machines.  

There was once a day when our school children respected our Administration and the President of the United States and the First Lady no matter their political party.  

A campaign such as the Let's Move would have been welcomed into schools and homes.  Sadly, it is now dictated by party belief. 

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not stating we should never question authority but a campaign as positive as this, should be recognized and promoted by all parties because it is in the best interest of our future leaders.

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